WE supply the ATM machine

WE supply the cash for the ATM machine, and also load the cash into the ATM machine. We also cover the insurance on the cash that’s in the ATM machine

WE pay for delivery, installation and setup of the ATM

WE supply the wireless phone router for the ATM to connect with the banks

WE supply paper, parts and service – anything needed for the ATM machine

NO expenses to the establishment where the ATM machine is placed

COMMISSIONS to the establishment from every cash withdrawal done on the ATM machine


Offering cash to your customers is easy! Call to find out more about having a ATM machine at your location, at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Welcome to our ATM “Win-Win” Program…

You provide ATM services for your customers at no expense to them, and receive commissions while supplying them cash!


One of the largest problems businesses face today is being forced to turn down the non-cash customers. Customers without cash, or access to it, will be unable to purchase products in your store. By recommending they walk down the street to the nearest ATM and come back, you risk the chance of them not returning. Not only will the store down the street make money off your customers’ ATM transaction, you will be giving the other stores the golden opportunity to steal your business. Prevent that from happening with the GOLD COAST ATM program. You will profit from each transaction while eliminating the need for a credit card machine and you pay NO fees associated with the machine.

There are countless benefits for a retailer to own GOLD COAST ATM. Whether your establishment is a hotel, restaurant, convenience store, night club, or any other high traffic area, GOLD COAST ATM will enhance your earnings while establishing loyalty from consumers. People depend on ATM’s to be available wherever they are when they need cash. GOLD COAST ATM provides you with this service and gives your customers the immediate and reliable “cash access” they deserve!

Top Reasons to Have a GOLD COAST ATM at YOUR Location:

  1. The typical ATM customer spends 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer due to the available cash access from your machine, also known as “impulse buying.”
  2. A GOLD COAST ATM offers the opportunity to increase your sales through on-screen advertising and coupon options on your ATM receipts.
  3. Having a GOLD COAST ATM can build customer loyalty by providing services and convenience customers expect.
  4. Your customers will enjoy services and cash withdrawals from bank and ATM credit cards.
  5. A GOLD COAST ATM eliminates the need to keep large amounts of cash in your register or at your service counters due to the cash back option for debit card transactions.
  6. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to access their cash in a secure, comfortable environment inside your establishment.
  7. Cardholders seek out locations where ATM’s can be found, thereby increasing the merchant’s in-store traffic.
  8. You receive a commission check on every valid withdrawal transaction at the end of each month, just for having a GOLD COAST ATM at your establishment.
  9. GOLD COAST ATM SERVICE LLC provides a toll free maintenance resolution hotline, available 24 hours a day at: 1-866-665-7040.

Provide your customers cash so they’ll stay in-house and spend!

Reduce credit card usage and credit card fees and expenses!

Attract walk-in traffic and increase customer loyalty!

The Gold Coast ATM Mantra: “We fill, we maintain, we service… and YOU GET PAID!


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